Public Safety, Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response Services

With expertise in remote technology, satellite, and wireless communications solutions, and backgrounds in the telecom industry, disaster response, and public safety, Resudox Solutions is equipped to assist your organization. Let us support your disaster or crisis response needs, from planning and training to execution of support or response missions in the field.

Disaster Response Mission Support

Field Response

Let us support you with a cadre of veteran responders, with experience deploying on numerous major global and domestic US disasters.

  • Post-disaster field assessment

  • Team resources: team leadership, additional staffing, and SME capabilities

  • Deployment of emergency communications solutions

  • Rapid post-disaster development of relationships across organizations and NGO / government / military / commercial response lines

Deployable VSAT System

Preparedness & Response Support

Whether your organization is a private company, an NGO, or a response agency, we provide a breadth of support, planning, and training solutions.

  • Response planning support

  • Selecting & building your kits

  • Remote support during a deployment

  • SME & keynote speaking

  • Hands-on training, including:

    • VSAT installation

    • Deployment awareness

    • Field medical & trauma care

VSAT - WiFi - LTE System

Disaster Technology Innovation

With disaster innovation successes that have been recognized by the White House, we look forward to supporting you and your organization.

  • Understand and implement emerging technology solutions

  • Offer a new thought perspective

  • Adapt and create new systems to address challenges

  • Create real-time solutions to large challenges in the midst of a disaster

  • Field experimentation for new technologies & solutions


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